Our honey

Our honey is a 100% natural, unfiltered and unpasteurized honey with no artificial sugar, antibiotics, GMO and pesticides. High quality and standards compliance are confirmed by the Beekeeping Institute named after Prokopovych.  

All honey of the “Honey Brothers”  goes exclusively from our bee-garden, we don’t buy and don’t resell honey from other beekeepers. We consciously take this step, may be limiting ourselves to something, but only in this way we can be responsible for the quality of the product we offer. 

Mountains of Podillia

Warm spicy august honey with a specific mountain character, collected from flowers of Medobory natural reserve in western Ukraine. 


Terroir: Zakhidne Podillya, Medobory 


Colour: Light yellow, with reflections of home-made butter. 


Aroma: Butter, vanilla and fruit puree.


Taste: Warm and spicy, with notes of jam, dried raisins and melted wax, with a light sourness on the aftertaste.


Gastro recommendations: Ideal for a traditional Ukrainian field dinner! Glass of fresh milk with a slice of fresh oven-baked black rye bread with honey.

Chyhyryn Hills

Rich and full honey from Cold Ravine tract, with dominating flower of silkweed.


Terroir: SerednyaNaddnipryanshchyna, Kholodnyy Yar Colour: Light yellow, home-made butter.


Aroma: Fruits, berries, fresh hay.


Taste: Bright fruity, with well-expressed notes of cherry and forest berries. 


Gastro recommendations: Perfect addition to fruit salads and fermented milk-based dishes.


A Powerful honey with strong character from the famous reserve tract Cold Ravine (Kholodniy Yar), with dominating flowers of yellow acacia (caragana) and linden.


Terroir: Serednya Naddnipryanshchyna, Kholodnyy Yar


Colour: Amber, transparent.


Aroma: Woody and spicy, with notes of black tea and wet forest greenery.


Taste: Saturated, tannic, with tones of dried dates, apricots and freshly-ground coffee. Has a long slightly astringent aftertaste.


Gastro recommendations: Perfect honey for any cheese, in combination with dried fruits and nuts. Perfectly suited  to a  fresh summer salad with goat cheese, as well as to game dishes.


Delicacy honey composition from steppe flowers honey and natural flowers’ pollen. Classic mix of pleasure and benefit.


Terroir: Granitno-Stepove Pobuzhzhia, Buzky Gard


Colour: mustard, dirty yellow.


Aroma: floral, tender, with tones of fresh hay and spices.


Taste: elegant and spicy, with notes of quince, green tea, plump and citrus. Has a long pleasant aftertaste with specific astringency.


Gastro recommendations: a teaspoon of IKEBANA half an hour before your breakfast will make you forget your doctor for good. One of two teaspoons of IKEBANA with herbal tea after dinner substitute themselves to a most exquisite desert. We do not recommend to put honey in your teacup! 


Exquisite spring honey from the legendary tract Cold Ravine (Kholodniy Yar). Very light and pleasant honey, whose freshness memorises a  spring breeze.


Terroir: Serednya Naddnipryanshchyna, Kholodnyy Yar


Colour: Light yellow, transparent


Aroma: Light and fleeting, with the flavor of daisies and spring flowers.


Taste: Fresh, churchy, with well expressed notes of young nuts and white fruits.


Gastro recommendations: Freshness and lightness of this honey will fit well for any sweet bakery, pancakes, but would also perfectly suit caramelize grilled duck breast.

Meadows of Myhia

Original spring honey from southern Ukraine, with dominating flowers of bird vetch, clover, acacia, black currants, coriander and St. John’s wort.


Terroir: Granitno-Stepove Pobuzhzhia, Buzky Gard


Colour: Yellow pale.


Aroma: Warm, with notes of roasted nuts and dried fruits.

Taste: Full, fruity, with shades of apricot, garden berries and dried tomatoes.


Gastro recommendations: Perfectly suited to  hard cheeses with strong character such as  Comté, but could also well BRING out the aroma of fresh bakery with coffee and milk.

Lower Buh Steppes BUSH

Classic honey from southern Ukraine.

Warm flower honey with silky creamy texture.

Color: shiny sunny bright.


Aroma: bouquet of wild field spring flowers, with a slight tone of linden blossom.


Taste: Fruity, full-bodied, with notes of vanilla and pear.


Cuisine recommendations: perfect for hard cheeses, yoghurts, butter toasts, fruit salads and light breakfast based on cereals or dried fruits.

Buckwheat-Coriander Honey

A unique natural assemblage, composition from buckwheat and coriander nectars. Complex and thorough honey with powerful fruity character.


Color: amber, with gleams of home-made butter yellow.


Aroma: intense, with tones of apple, pear, dried fruits.


Taste: strong fruity, with shade of orange peel, quince jam, caramelized fruits and spices. Very long after-taste with nice distinctive citrus acidity.


Cuisine recommendations: fruit salads, dairy breakfasts.. Alone or mixed with soya sauce or balsamic vinegar makes a perfect dressing for roasted poultry or lamb dishes.

Haydamaky Honey

Product created jointly with the legend of Ukrainian rock music - «Haydamaky» band.


An extraordinary mix of honey and chili pepper. Warm and fresh honey with tonic effect.


Colour: bright red and yellow.


Aroma: refreshing and spicy, with warm fruity tones.


Taste: tender and thorough, with shades of pear and white fruits, with a long and well-felt slight spicy after-taste.


Cuisine recommendations: connoisseurs’ recipe: white bread toast, with a slice of gutter cheese and “Haydamaky” honey, white coffee or green tea makes a perfect beginning of an active and positive day.

MakMed Honey

Honey with poppy seeds, harmonious combination of traditional Ukrainian tastes.

Gourmet honey, with dense but tender texture.


Colour: deep yellow.


Aroma: warm woody, with nice tones of wood flowers and herbs.


Taste: vanilla, hazelnut butter, dried fruits and toasted bread.


Cuisine recommendations: perfect sweet dessert, alone or combined with any pastry, pancakes, bread, traditional Ukrainian desserts.