A rich history of this land deserves special attention. Scythian mounds, medieval underground churches and monasteries, Cossack and Haydamak Terraces. Many prominent Ukrainians are associated with this place such as Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Maxim Zaliznyak, Taras Shevchenko, Vasyl Chuchupak, and many others


In this area, without exaggeration, for many centuries Ukrainians fought for their freedom.

And, of course, Kholodny Yar is simply an incredible medieval terroir! The rich and clean nature of this land, its unique microclimate and a large number of unique wild honey plants make its honey one of the most unique in Ukraine!


Serednya Naddnipryanshynа

Kholodnyi Yar

Kholodnyi Yar  is a legendary tract, a relic forest in the Cherkassy region, with its unique historical and natural value.

High wooded mountains with steep slopes, deep mysterious beams, which are cool even
in the middle of a hot summer, fairy lawns, ancient caves, springs and lakes ...

The legends are evolved about special energy of this place which is felt almost at the physical level.

There is a legend that this place has been hitted by the meteorite, creating here, in the middle of the steppe, almost a mountainous landscape and creating unique faults of the earth's crust with powerful energy flows. That is why Kholodny Yar is considered as a "place of power" of Ukraine.

Honey Brothers are represented here by Sergei Zaruba's family - a beekeeper with 15 years of experience. He professes the value of a genuine natural product, working on an apiary, which currently has about 60 bee families.

Sergey and his family are eco-settlers in the village Mel'nyky of the Chigirinsky district, in the heart of Kholodny Yar. The person who left the city and chose life alongside nature, the naturalness of honey is not even a requirement of time, but a norm of ethics and morals.

If you are interested in discovering this unique place called "Kholodny Yar", to breathe fresh air of oak forests, to feel the true Cossack spirit, to visit the family church of Bogdan Khmelnitsky in the village of Subotov, live a few days of life of eco-settlers - Honey Brothers and friends heartily
invite you to Kholodny Yar!

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