About us

Our honey is produced by Ukrainian bees exclusively from flower nectar, while the final product is created by our whole family – from grandfathers and grandmothers to grandchildren. 


Our honey is a product full of sun, unfiltered and unpasteurized, with no artificial sugar, no antibiotics and no GMO.  


The honey in its most natural state, from gourmet to gourmet, for those who appreciate quality and sincerity. 


Welcome to the community of “Honey Brothers”!


Yuriy - our main beekeeper with six years of experience.


He is trying his best to make sure everything you eat is high-quality and natural.


Yevgen, the youngest of the brothers - creative link in the chain of our team.

Stickers, leaflets, website, presentations - all designs were done in virtue of incredible creativity and imagination of Yevgen.


Dmytro is an engine, which seems to work even while asleep. He takes an active part in all projects of our brand, but marketing and communication with customers his main direction.


Meanwhile, Kateryna (Dmytro's wife) is responsible for ensuring that each jar reach a customer in perfect condition.